Wildlife of Tahoe

With what could potentially be our last snow storm of the season behind us, it’s time to start getting ready for spring and summer in the parks! While normal park activities, like camping, big barbecues, and playdates, are off the table for the next couple of months due to the state’s Shelter in Place Order, we are still able to get out into our parks and enjoy more solitary activities! 

The Tahoe region and the Sierra State Parks are full of native wildlife. Next time you visit the parks, keep your eyes peeled for the critters of Tahoe!

Do you think you can spot all of them by the end of the summer?!

These are just some of the animals you may run into while walking or hiking through our parks! It is important we stay on designated trails and always keep our distance from wild animals. When we enter the parks, we are entering into someone else’s home – it is key that we understand that we are visitors and adhere to all park rules.

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