Emerald Bay Maritime Heritage Trail

The Sierra State Parks Foundation has invested $27,832 towards the completion of the Emerald Bay Maritime Heritage Trail since 2016. SSPF contracted for the production of underwater interpretive signs for use at four sunken boat and barge locations at Emerald Bay State Park, including the production of a ‘dive card’ about these sites. We funded the design and fabrication of the underwater blocks and associated interpretive panels and underwrote the costs of State Park dive team to research this project and position the interpretive panels in the desired locations.

The Sierra State Parks Foundation is honored to be a part of this significant milestone and the impact it will have in the preservation of these underwater cultural sites, providing a unique recreational opportunity for our visitors and offering distance learning opportunities to our students which will expand minds and excite future scientists.

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Download the:

Interpretive panels

Map of the Emerald Bay Dive Sites