2018 Funding Priorities

Your generosity ensures that our natural and cultural resources are preserved for the future.  

The Sierra State Parks Foundation is a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt organization. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.  Please consider a Legacy Gift and join others who have named the Sierra State Parks Foundation in their will. For estate plans or to discuss gifts of appreciated assets, please contact our office at 530.583.9911, or e-mail us at

Workers evaluating the Donner Monument for the restoration project.

Workers evaluating the Donner Monument for the restoration project.

Donner Memorial SP:
The Donner Project.

Goal $1.2 million

The Pioneer Monument was dedicated on June 6, 1918 and erected in honor of all who made the difficult trek across the western plains and mountains to reach California during the 1840s. Constructed near the site of the cabins that gave shelter to the Donner Party, work on the monument began in 1901. Since then, the monument has stood in testament to the thousands of families and individuals who risked all for a better life, and honors the pioneer spirit of those who came before us.

The monument needs our help.  After nearly 100 Truckee winters it is in dire need of repair.

This project includes:

  • Restoration of the Pioneer Monument

  • Site improvement landscaping

  • Construction of an outdoor community educational pavilion

Donation levels over $1,000 will be recognized on the Donor Wall in the Visitor Center foyer. All donation levels over $50 include a one-year membership to the Sierra State Parks Foundation and other “thank you” gifts at various donation levels. We will be pleased to send you our Donner Fundraising Campaign materials or meet with you to share our vision.

Vikingsholm, historic photo from 1929.

Emerald Bay State Park:
Vikingsholm Restoration Projects

Goal $40,000

World famous Vikingsholm Castle is visited by over 100,000 people each year and admired by boat by tens of thousands more. The gardens have fallen fallow and are in dire need of restoration.

This project includes:

  • Outside wood rehabilitation
  • Repair to damaged pointing around the turret
  • Landscaping improvement in the courtyard and lakeside beds
  • Ongoing maintenance of the 79-year-old structure.

Olympic Heritage trail

Freshly groomed trails await you.

Sugar Pine Point State Park:
Olympic Snow Trails

Goal $10,000

The Sierra State Parks Foundation maintains over 15 KM of groomed trails through the original Olympic Trail System at Sugar Pine Point State Park.

This project includes:

  • Maintenance and upkeep of the SSPF owned snow grooming equipment
  • Management of the winter snow trail grooming program

Donation project

Weather takes its toll.

Sugar Pine Point State Park:
Hellman-Ehrman Estate Restoration Projects

Goal: $100,000

This project includes

  • Project includes repairs to damaged exterior and interior plaster

  • Repairs to the exterior woodwork

  • Implementation of the Historic Landscape Plan.

Kings Beach State Recreation Area:
Junior Lifeguard Program Scholarship Fund

Goal: $5,000

The goal of the Kings Beach SRA Junior Lifeguard Program is to educate the communities youth about aquatic safety and high-quality recreation.

Three- two week sessions will be offered each summer.

Our goal is to provide scholarships to 17 underserved youth annually. 




Vikingsholm Tour

Park Enhancement Fund

Goal: $50,000

This board designated fund will be used for immediate and impactful needs in the seven California State Parks we serve.