Winter Crafts

Stay crafty this winter with some of these easy at home crafts!

Nature’s Suncatcher

This super simple Suncatcher is sure to bring smiles! All you need is a cooking tin (any size or shape will do) and a piece of string!

  1. Find some pieces of nature and put them in the tin.
  2. Place your string half in the tin and half out.
  3. Fill your tin with water. Make sure that part of the string is sticking out and not in the tin!
  4. Leave outside and let it freeze overnight.
  5. Remove from the tin once frozen and viola!

Colorful Snow Art

Fun for the whole family! To make colorful snow art, all you need is water and food coloring! Easy!

  1. Fill up a tupperware, a bowl, a mug, a turkey baser, or a spray bottle with water
  2. Mix in the colors of your choice! Make sure you add enough so that the water is heavily saturated with color.
  3. Head outside and splash (or spray, or drop) your colorful water on the snow! Happy designing!
Ice Marbles

Colorful ice orbs? Sign me up! All you’ll need is food coloring, a bowl, and some water balloons!

  1. Fill you water balloon with water.
  2. Add a few droplets of food coloring into the water.
  3. Tie off the water balloon and give it a good shake.
  4. Place your water balloon in a bowl so that when it freezes, the balloon stays round like a marble.
  5. Place the bowl with the balloon in it outside overnight or until it freezes.
  6. Once frozen, cut the balloon off the ice marble and you’re done! Bask in the shine of your new colorful orbs.