Sugar Pine dock

Who We Are

We are the Sierra State Parks Foundation. 

We support education, interpretation, restoration and preservation of your Lake Tahoe-Donner California State Parks.

The Sierra State Parks Foundation began in 1968 as the “Lake Tahoe State Parks Advisory Committee.” Although the association went through a few name changes, by 1988 it became the Sierra State Parks Foundation, or SSPF, and has remained so ever since.

Today SSPF has a dynamic professional staff and a ten-member Board of Directors.  SSPF works closely with California State Parks to fund the most tangible aspects of the visitor experience in the Lake Tahoe-Donner California State Parks.  

From nature talks, historic house tours and Junior Ranger programs to interpretive signage, educational programs and historic preservation projects, SSPF plays a critical role in filling the gap where State Parks leaves off providing staff, volunteers, funding and partnership to the California State Parks in the Lake Tahoe-Donner Region.

You can help fulfill our mission of serving California State Parks in the Lake Tahoe – Donner area by donating or becoming a member of the Sierra State Parks Foundation today. Join us!