Vikingsholm Leaded Glass Panel Repair

Vikingsholm, completed in 1929 and one of Lake Tahoe’s great architectural treasures, has been in the California State Parks System since 1954. Weather and time leave their mark on our historic buildings during the harsh Tahoe winters.  It’s up to us to preserve our local history and maintain what we have. The Sierra State Parks Foundation is excited to show the progress of the repair of a Vikingsholm leaded stained-glass panel that was damaged by a falling tree over five year ago. This repair is sponsored by the generosity of lifelong Vikinghsolm advocate, Dr. Helen Smith.

The large window stained glass piece has been in protective storage waiting for repairs since it was first damaged. SSPF board member, Paul Verke, was able to locate a qualified repair artist who specializes in historic structure leaded glass repair.  This repair artist, Dale Barden of English Tudor Glass Cottage Works in Sacramento, evaluated the repair work, in consultation with the State Parks Maintenance Supervisor, Mark Ernst and State Parks Cultural Resources Program Supervisor, Alex Neeb. We are so grateful to Dr. Helen Smith for her gracious donation to cover the repair cost of $4,300. 

This project is a perfect example of the partnership role the Sierra State Parks Foundation has with the seven California State Parks we serve. This partnership ensures that the cultural resources within these parks remain intact for the education and enjoyment of future generations.

If you want to get involved or make a donation to preserving and maintaining Vikingsholm, please follow this link to learn more about the Vikingsholm Forever Endowment Campaign. The Vikingsholm Forever Endowment Campaign was founded to supplement the need for an operational and maintenance fund for Vikingsholm. The campaign is meant to close the gap between what the California State Parks can provide and the actual annual costs of upkeep and long term needs of the house and museum. We are so thankful for our Vikingsholm Forever donors and all those who contribute to the Sierra State Parks Foundation so that we can continue supporting our local State Parks. 

Check out the photos below to see the amazing progress Dale Barden and the team at English Tudor Cottage Glass Works have made on the beautiful stained glass panel. The finished masterpiece will be installed this springtime for all to admire and enjoy.