Success! – Vikingsholm Stained Glass Panel is Repaired!

After years of tedious work, the beautiful Vikingsholm leaded stained-glass panel has been restored! A big thanks for the hard work Dale Barden and her team at English Tudor Cottage Glass Works. This finished masterpiece will be installed and on display for a grand reveal this summer when Vikingsholm Castle in Emerald Bay State Park opens for the season! 

We are so thrilled to be partners with the California State Parks and able to provide support to California’s treasured park space and historical buildings. We are especially grateful for the financial support of Dr. Helen Smith and her gracious donation to cover the cost of the stained-glass panel repair.

Just like in this success story, it takes a team. If you want to join Team SSPF, consider making a donation to preserve and maintain Vikingsholm. Please follow this link to learn more about the Vikingsholm Forever Endowment Campaign. The Vikingsholm Forever Endowment Campaign was founded to supplement the need for an operational and maintenance fund for Vikingsholm. The campaign is meant to sustainably close the gap between what the California State Parks can provide, and the actual annual costs of upkeep and long term needs of the house and museum. We are so thankful for our Vikingsholm Forever donors and all those who contribute to the Sierra State Parks Foundation so that we can continue supporting our local State Parks. Lastly, we will host a special appreciation event for all Vikingsholm Forever donors that donated $1,000 or more; stay tuned!