Social Distancing at the Sierra State Parks!

We’ve all learned in the past couple of weeks how important it is to avoid contact and distance ourselves from others to avoid the spread of the novel coronavirus. Our parks have plenty of acreage to make sure you and your family have plenty of space to yourselves!

The Lakeshore Interpretive Trail

Bundle up and head down to Donner Lake with your furry friend for a walk along the Lakeshore Interpretive Trail! The trail features eighteen trail-side exhibits illustrating the history of the Emigrant Trail and the area’s geology and ecology, Washoe culture and the local recreational possibilities.

Sugar Pine Point

Bring the whole family down to Sugar Pine Point State Park on the west shore for a blast from the past. Did you know this state park used to be the summer home of generations of Washoe Indians? You can see remnants of their time on the Lake Tahoe shoes in the form of bedrock mortars or grinding rocks just offshore from the Hellman-Ehrman Mansion! Even with school shutdowns, there’s always a lesson to be taught when history is all around us! 

Olympic Trail

Another opportunity at Sugar Pine Point State Park is to take the Olympic Trail. Channel your inner athlete and get some exercise in the fresh air! We have fresh snow now, so whip out those snowshoes and get moving!


If you’re a parent with a child out of school, be sure to check out Parks Online Resources for Teachers and Students (PORTS)! This program run by California State Parks, provides FREE live interactive videoconference programs, also known as virtual field trips, to expand learning beyond the classroom walls.

Free Virtual Tours!

Did you know that a lot of museums are offering free virtual tours! We might not be able to travel to Berlin to the Pergamon or the Guggenheim in NYC, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy priceless works of art! Click here to access

The Hidden Worlds of the National Parks

The Hidden Worlds of the National Parks is a Google Arts & Culture exhibit and interactive documentary exploring the some of the most unique national parks we have! Take a trip to the Kenai fjords of Alaska from the comfort of your own home! Explore the lava fields of Hawaii from your living room! Head to The Hidden Worlds of the National Parks to see what other national parks you can adventure through!

Northern Lights Live Camera

Have you ever wanted to see video of the Northern Lights? Churchill Northern Studies Center in Churchill, Manitoba has a camera pointed to the sky running 24/7 aimed to catch all the sky action! Because it’s a live camera, you’ll have to wait until night time to check it out and search the skies for the aurora!

Monterey Bay Aquarium Live Camera

The Monterey Bay Aquarium has live and pre-recorded video of many of their exhibits and habitats including their coral reef, jelly fish, penguins, and the open sea exhibit! Dive in for a virtual swim with some of the planet’s most unique underwater friends!

San Diego Zoo Live Camera

Catch up with your favorite Zoo animals using the San Diego Zoo Live Camera! The zoos might be closed, but you and your family can still hang out with with the little critters!