Sierra Wildflowers at Washoe Meadows State Park

Washoe Meadows State Park is one of Tahoe’s best-kept secrets. Established as a state park in 1987, Washoe Meadows plays an important to the water clarity and water quality of Lake Tahoe, which at that time, was severely threatened by significant development. Historically, Washoe Tribe traditionally spent their summers there and is for whom the park is named. Washoe Meadows has some incredible wildflowers, including the Star Lily, a native plant only found in Washoe Meadows.

There are spectacular “little” meadows covered with all kinds of flowers, which add a wonderful fragrance to the air; however, there is a cluster of small white flowers that, when smelled closely, tend to smell of dirty socks thus the name “Dirty Sock.” The fens located in Washoe Meadows are unusual wetlands that act as a water filter for the North Upper Truckee River which ultimately flows to Lake Tahoe. Finally, there is the vast, large meadow. There are not enough words to describe the wonderful beauty of that place.

Peruse the gallery to discover other wildflowers found at Washoe Meadows State Park, and get out there to find these yourself!