From Glacier to Lake – The Geology of Lake Tahoe

sugar pine point state park lake tahoe geology

The geology of Lake Tahoe has millions of years of history and is ever changing! This video sponsored by Sacramento County Dept of Education featuring SSPF funded Park Interpreters, is one of the great learning opportunities created through collaboration and the work of the SSPF.

Our state park interpreters have a wealth of knowledge about our local parks. These particular interpreters, Stephanie Ambrosia and Ryan Reger, are speaking from our beautiful Sugar Pine Point State Park.

In the video, you may have heard the mention of the PORTS Program. The PORTS Program, or Parks Online Resources for Teachers and Students. PORTS, is an award-winning distance learning program that has served K-12 teachers, parents, students, and education partners with live, interactive video-conference presentations from our California State Parks for more than 15 years!

DID YOU KNOW: The Sierra State Parks Foundation (us!) is responsible for funding the PORTS Programs in the Lake Tahoe CA State Parks Sector! Our work, and the donations from our wonderful supporters, goes directly to our local state parks to make sure that they can continue to education children and families throughout the Basin and world about the wonders of Lake Tahoe!

Thank you to the Sacramento County Dept of Education for collaborating with us and CA State Parks to create this awesome video.