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Update August 2022: The Monument is restored!

Creating spaces to learn about our past and dream into the future….

The Pioneer Monument was dedicated on June 6, 1918 and erected in honor of all who made the difficult trek across the western plains and mountains to reach California during the 1840s.

Constructed near the site of the cabins that gave shelter to the Donner Party, work on the monument began in 1901. Since then, the monument has stood in testament to the thousands of families and individuals who risked all for a better life, and honors the pioneer spirit of those who came before us.

Let’s do something spectacular….repair the monument and create an amazing education pavilion.

Using the Collective Impact Model, SSPF has collaborated with California State Parks and the Native Son of the Golden West to work together to solve a complex problem.

The Donner Project will complete three major objectives:  

  • Restoration of the Pioneer Monument- PROJECT COMPLETE AUGUST 2022!

  • Site improvement landscaping- Current fundraising focus: $200,000 required and $60,000 to go!

  • Construction of an outdoor community educational pavilion-Planning phase begun.

Donation levels over $1,000 will be recognized on the Donor Wall in the Visitor Center foyer. All donation levels over $50 include a one-year membership to the Sierra State Parks Foundation and other “thank you” gifts at various donation levels. We will be pleased to send you our Donner Fundraising Campaign materials or meet with you to share our vision.


$25,000 and above-State of California-California State Parks


Hansen Family Foundation

Lannoy Family–Kayak Tahoe

Historical Preservation Foundation –Native Sons of the Golden West                                                             

$5,000 – $9,999

Hans & Marian Baldauf

John & Gina Biondi Family

Jerry Blackwill

Chuck & Nikki Combs

Ken & Elisabeth Fetherston

Margaret Hanley & the Stewart & Jane Lotz Family

Donald Lutz and family

The Palmer Family

Union Pacific Foundation

Thomas P. Winn Foundation

Robert & Marilyn Weiss

$1,000 – $4,999

Lorelle K. Banzett

Bruce & Stefani Barton

Larry & Cathy Bienati

Bill & Fritzi Briner

California State Parks Foundation

James & Marie Colbert

Drs. Edmund & Barbara Czerwinski

Steven & Marilyn Disbrow

Brian & Joy Doyle

Tom & Heidi Doyle

Barbara & Fred Ilfeld

Lolly Kupec & Ed Miller

Richard Leung & Katie Quan

John & Jan Makin

James E. & Jayne A. Matthews

Steve & Katherine McCormick

The McGlashan Family

Mountain Hardware & Sports

Marianne & Jim Porter

Ken & Rona Powell

Ernie & Rosemary Ralph

Diana & Lee Raynor

Sue Sage

Kathy Slocum

John & Sue Sorensen

Winifred Smith

Edward & Heidi Sproat

Rick Stafford

Stern Family Foundation

Tahoe Donner Association

Tahoe Donner Chamber of Commerce

Barbara Jo Tice

Jennifer and Barton Tretheway

Truckee Tahoe Lumber Company

Tim & Judy Tweedie & Family

Visit Truckee

Town of Truckee

Nancy & Owens Wallis

Sally Taylor & Rob Weston

Richard & Louise Wiesner

Chuck & Janet Zipkin

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Learn More with the Donner Project Case Statement

9/14/20 UPDATE: View our ribbon-cutting celebration of reaching a financial milestone! And head to our Celebration blog post to learn more about this milestone! Monument restoration in 2022!

Next step update August 2022: Fundraising and planning efforts are now focused on the area surrounding the monument. We will be creating a reflective space that will include walking paths, seating pods in shady areas and plantings to mimic the landscape of the 1800’s. Estimate construction date: Summer 2023.