Black Lives Matter

Our Parks Are For Everyone

During the 46-year history of the Sierra State Parks Foundation, we have dedicated ourselves to preserving and protecting our State Parks in the Lake Tahoe region. Today we focus our attention on the fact that our public lands may not be welcoming places for all people. No one should feel fear when going outside. Our work doesn’t matter if everyone cannot feel safe in our parks. We stand in unity with the Black Lives Matter movement and seek paths to end racism.  

Our Sierra State Parks are a place of relaxation, rejuvenation, and community for people of all nations, creeds, and colors. We will do our part to ensure that everyone feels safe and welcomed. Parks are places to improve both physical and mental health. Racism is nothing short of a public health crisis if there is no equitable access to our parks or fear of police violence. We all have a role in creating a more just and equitable society with access to the restorative power of nature. 

The Sierra State Parks Foundation is actively looking into creating more opportunities for people of color and other marginalized groups to have access to safe educational and fun experiences in our parks. We will keep this topic in the forefront of our agenda as we pursue our goals of making our parks better, while we work to bring down barriers of access to those parks, the physical barriers and the barriers of fear. Addressing systemic injustice and racism starts with listening and learning.  We are listening, learning  and making a pledge to action. 

Sending peace and healing to our entire community.