Bear Box Art Fundraiser

Does the Bear Box in front of your house need some artistic expression? Want another way to support the Sierra State Parks Foundation and Lake Tahoe Artists? Be the envy of your neighborhood and invest in our Bear Box Art Fundraiser!

A $500 donation to the Sierra State Parks Foundation will get one preferred side of your bear box painted with a fabulous image. You may work directly with the artist to get more sides or the entire bear box painted. $300 of each bear box painted will go directly to the Sierra State Parks Foundation! Let’s make some Bear Box Art happen!

How this works:

  1. Select Artist # and the design #. For instance, Artist 2C would indicate Artist #2’s third design.
  2. Purchase Bear Box Art here. Click $500, “Apply Where Needed,” and Donate. Choose your design selection on the following page.
  3. Our staff will contact you within 72 hours to make the arrangements between you and your selected artist. Expect this entire process to take up to one month to complete from start to finish.

Artist 1: Marianne Bartley –

Artist 2: Payton Cardis –
NOTE: Artist not available until Spring 2021.

Artist 3: Erica Johnson –

Artist 4: Hope Huber –

Hope’s Past Works as References to Artist’s Style –