12 Ways to Enjoy 12 Months of the Sierra State Parks

This year, each month, we will be highlighting ways to enjoy and recreate in our beloved Lake Tahoe – Donner State Parks. Check back each month for our latest highlight!


We’re already well into our third month of the year! Time is really flying. We haven’t had much snow this year and it’s starting to look like spring might be coming early. That means we better start getting our legs in shape for spring and summer hiking! 

Get those legs moving with a snowshoe hike through Sugar Pine Point State Park


Photo by Juliana Aragon

February is the month of love! Here are some ideas of things to do in our Lake Tahoe – Donner State Parks with your beloved!  

– Eat some Smokey’s BBQ on the public docks at Donner Memorial State Park! Skip some rocks and see who is first to see a train above China Cove! 

– Spend a day in Kings Beach. Grab Mexican comfort food from La Mexicana and walk to the picnic tables at Kings Beach State Recreation Area. There is no beating the lake view right from its shore.

– Stop in at West Shore Market for some sandwiches and snacks and take the short drive to Sugar Pine Point State Park. Nothing says romance like the Park’s gazebo by the mansion. (A great spot for a proposal too…)

– Call ahead for curbside pick up from Wolfdales and take your loved one on a lakeside stroll in Tahoe State Recreation Area. You and your beau can compete in a friendly competition of who can find the biggest pine cone!

But why stop with these ideas? Make time spent with loved ones in nature a priority every day!  


Nancy Bloom enjoying the fresh snow on the Olympic Snow Trails at Sugar Pine Point State Park.
Photo by SSPF Vice-President Mike Levin

This January we want to highlight our snow trails at Sugar Pine Point State Park! Pick up a sandwich and some snacks at Tahoe House Bakery & Gourmet and head into Sugar Pine Point for some snow hikes, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing picnic! If you don’t have snowshoes or cross country skis, head on over to West Shore Sports to rent exactly the equipment you need!